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Please bring a flashlight or have cell phone light available if you arrive after dark.  We have front porch lights but the extra light can be helpful!​


  • Unless prior arrangements have been made with management, guests arriving before 4pm will be charged a $25 early check in fee.


  • Unless prior arrangements have been made with management, guests departing after 11AM will be charged a late check out fee of $25 for every half hour after 11am.



Click here for our policy


Helpful Hints:

Easy Fire Starting - Bring commercial fire starter (ie-'Strike a Fire') or a bundle of dry kindling and newspaper (we provide firewood and matches at Serenity A-Frame as wood heat is the primary heat source).  If you would like a campfire at our other cabins, firewood is available for purchase in Ashford.



There are two convenience stores, several restaurants, Laundromat and a gas station in Ashford. The full service grocery stores are 30 miles away in Eatonville, Packwood and Morton.  Safeway and Walmart are in Yelm, 45 miles away.

Hot Tub Use:

Please rinse off in shower before use.

Please put ½ tsp spa sanitizing granules into filter compartment and run jets for 5 minutes after each use.


Keep bromine float in tub when not using tub and overnight.



Weber Grill and propane provided.  Propane tank is turned off when not in use.  Open valve when using the grill and please turn off when done.

Power/Internet Outages:

Due to our remote location and extreme weather, Ashford does experience periodic power outages and sometimes internet outages as well.  Most cabins are equipped with a backup source of heat (wood or propane), lanterns on top of fridge, rechargeable flashlights located in outlets throughout the cabin, backup lights, a backup battery and propane grill outside for cooking. These outages are normally brief but if you are concerned, please contact our office before booking.  You can view our power outage policy here. To learn about our Duracell Battery Backup units click here.

Cell Phone Coverage:

The only cell phone carrier that has service in the area is Verizon.  There is spotty coverage at the cabin but you should be able to get coverage just a few miles back towards Ashford if you have Verizon.  

Winter Driving Conditions:

Snow/ice is usually not an issue getting TO the cabins.  The cabins are at 1700' elevation and snowfall is intermittent through the winter below 2000'.  The cabins will generally see most snowfall January and February although we do get snow flurries from Nov-April.  

However, if you are venturing into the park anytime between October and May, snow/ice can and often is an issue.  Road closures and delays are frequent during winter months.  Please check Mt Rainier's Twitter feed here for current road closures and information.


Tire chains are frequently required on all vehicles traveling beyond Longmire in winter, 4WD usually ok. 

Chains can be rented at Whittaker’s in Ashford.

Check Out Instructions:

Please wash your dishes. You may leave them for the housekeeper to put away.  Please turn off heat, lights, stove, unplug coffee maker, etc and lock both doors.  Please close all windows and lock doors.  If you are staying at Tahoma Vista or Hiker's Hideaway, please start a load of towels in the washing machine before you go.  Please do not put more than 4 bath towels in the washer.

Amenity List

Amenity List


Cooking Utensils and Equipment:

  • Pots

  • Pans

  • Dishes

  • Silverware

  • Utensils

  • Blender

  • Coffee maker

  • Moka Pot

  • Toaster

  • Kitchen range

  • Oven (no oven at Hikers Hideaway)

  • Fridge

  • Microwave


You may request* the following "Loaner Appliances" in addition:

  • Crock pot

  • Large roasting pan

  • Rice cooker

  • Instant pot

  • Air fryer

  • Waffle maker


  • Private label coffee 

  • Sugar

  • Splenda

  • Coffee creamer

  • Vegetable oil

  • Olive oil

  • Pam

  • Basic spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder)

  • Selection of teas

  • Cocoa packets

  • Plastic wrap

  • Aluminum foil

  • Sandwich baggies

  • Kitchen sponges

  • Dish soap

  • Paper towels


  • Hair dryer

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Body wash

  • Bath towels**

  • Hand towels 

  • First aid kit

​Laundry Facilities

the following cabins have a washer/dryer in the unit:​

Laundry Service can be provided off-site for a fee by our housekeeping dept.


  • Bedding

  • Linens

  • Pillows (hypoallergenic)

Living Room

  • Smart TVs (cable TV not provided)

  • Board games (wide selection)



  • Campfire pit

  • Marshmallow sticks

  • Chairs for deck or campfire

  • Gas grill and propane (propane is provided)

* please request your loaner appliance at least 24 hours prior to check in

** we provide 3 bath towels per guest; if you require additional towels, please let us know in advance of your stay

We offer many additional goods such as Deer Feed, S'more Kit's, Breakfast Kit's and more (at an added cost). View them all here.

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