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Tahoma Vista

137 Big Creek Road
Ashford, WA. 98304

Cabin phone: (360) 569-2557

Keyless Entry Code - 4137
WiFi Password: Paradise (capital P)
**WiFi service is not guaranteed.  Our area experiences periodic disruption in WiFi service that is out of our control.
Check in: 4pm
Please remember that check in time is at 4pm unless prior arrangements have been approved by management.  Arrival to the cabin prior to 4pm will result in a $25 early check-in fee.


Heat - Tahoma Vista Chalet is equipped with a forced-air furnace in addition to a wood stove in the living room.  Firewood is provided for the wood stove in the event of a power outage.  If you wish to have a fire in the wood stove or a campfire, we sell firewood for $10 a bundle.  

Wood Stove Tip - For best results, stop adding wood to wood stove about 5 hours before going to bed, otherwise the loft will be uncomfortably warm, even in the coldest of winter nights.  Set the furnace to a comfortable sleeping temp so that once the fire dies out, the furnace will keep it from getting too cold.  Keep the humidifier pot on the stove full to humidify the cabin.

Television - This cabin is equipped with Roku TV.  No programming is provided.  Roku is in guest mode, which allows guests to log in with their personal account and will automatically log you back out at the end of your visit or on the date you specify.


Deer Feeder is located in the driveway.  Deer feed can be purchased when you make your reservation. If you would like to purchase deer feed during your stay, please contact our office.

Check out: 11am
Please be on time with your check out as our housekeepers are on a tight schedule.  Failure to depart on time will result in a $25 per 30 minute late check out fee.

Please wash your dishes.  You may leave them for the housekeeper to put away.  Please start a load of towels before you depart, no more than 4 bath towels in a load.  Please turn off heat, lights, stove, unplug coffee maker, etc close windows and lock both doors. To lock front door, pull closed and press lock button.  

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