During peak times, including weekends, holidays and over the summer, the park frequently exceeds capacity.  


Wait times getting into the park can be in excess of 90 minutes.

If you are planning to visit Mount Rainier National Park this summer, here are some strategies to help you avoid the heaviest crowds:

  • Try to arrange a visit during an off-peak time.  Sunday through Thursday or during the shoulder seasons are great times to visit the park when it is less busy.

    • May and September/early October are still wonderful times to visit!​

  • Arrive at the park before 10am or visit later in the afternoon

  • Consider entering the park via the White River Entrance (directions here)

If you do choose to visit during our most popular times, please…”Pack your patience!”  

  • Come as early as you can as lines tend to start piling up at 10am.  

  • Make sure your gas tank is full

  • Take the opportunity to use the restroom facilities at either Elbe or Ashford County Park.  

  • Pack or buy your snacks along the way at any of the markets between Elbe and Ashford or dine in at our local restaurants.

Check before you go!  Please visit the Mt Rainier Twitter page before you head out to double check traffic conditions and current wait times.  

For more information, visit Mt Rainier's website on summer traffic HERE.

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