Trillium Cabin

 Check in/out Instructions

Guest Info Trillium Cabin
Address: 141 Big Creek Road
Ashford, WA. 98304
Studio: if you have reserved the studio, the code will be provided in your check-in email.
Cabin phone: (360) 569-2263
WiFi Password: Paradise (capital P)
**WiFi service is not guaranteed.  Our area experiences periodic disruption in WiFi service that is out of our control.
Check in: 4pm
Please remember that check in time is at 4pm unless prior arrangements have been approved by management.  Arrival to the cabin prior to 4pm will result in a $25 early check-in fee.

Trillium Cabin is equipped with a heat pump in addition to gas fireplace in the living room and in the upstairs master.  Fireplaces are both controlled by wall thermostats.  Please do not touch anything on the fireplaces themselves.


Firewood is not provided.   It may be purchased in Ashford at either store, or you may request a bundle be dropped off by our staff for $10.  Please request your firewood prior to your check in date.  Fire starter such as matches, kindling, newspaper, etc are not provided.  Please bring these items along or purchase at the local market in Ashford.

Garage Access: Guests do not have access to the garage or laundry facilities, unless stay is longer than 4 nights or prior arrangements with manager have been made.

Gas Fireplace - please do not touch anything on the gas fireplace!  The thermostat for the living room is on the wall between the two bedrooms controls the fireplace.


Heat Pump Control - heat pump control is on the wall by the downstairs bathroom in hall.  Please note that if the gas fireplace is turned up very warm in the living room, the heat pump will kick on and start blowing cold air.


Hot Tub - please put in 1/2 tsp of sanitizing granules after using tub each time.  Turn jets on and allow to run uncovered for 5 minutes after adding sanitizer.

Sauna Operation - Please follow the operating instructions provided in the sauna.  If you are having trouble getting the sauna to work,  here is a video that goes over the operating instructions in detail -

Television - This cabin is equipped with Roku TV.  No programming is provided.  Roku is in guest mode, which allows guests to log in with their personal account and will automatically log you back out at the end of your visit or on the date you specify.

Check out: 11am
Please be on time with your check out as our housekeepers are on a tight schedule.  Failure to depart on time will result in a $25 per 30 minute late check out fee.

Check Out Instructions:

Please wash your dishes.  You may leave them for the housekeeper to put away.  No need to strip beds.  Please turn off heat, lights, stove, unplug coffee maker, etc close windows and lock both doors. To lock front door, pull closed and press lock button.