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285 Paradise Drive
Ashford, WA. 98304


Cabin phone: (360) 569-0552

Keyless Entry Code - 4285
WiFi Password: Paradise (capital P)
**WiFi service is not guaranteed.  Our area experiences periodic disruption in WiFi service that is out of our control.
Check in: 4pm
Please remember that check in time is at 4pm unless prior arrangements have been approved by management.  Arrival to the cabin prior to 4pm will result in a $25 early check-in fee.
Check out: 11am

Heat - Laughingwater is equipped with a gas fireplace and baseboard heaters in the downstairs bedroom and living room.  Gas fireplace is controlled by the thermostat on the wall behind the fireplace.  Please do not touch anything on the fireplace itself.

Noise carries easily here.  Please keep outdoor music low.  We often get noise complaints from our senior neighbor across the creek.  

Deer Feeder is located in the center of the circular driveway between the two cabins.  The deer feed is located in a bin underneath.  Feel free to leave a scoop or two out each day to share with our neighborhood wildlife. 

Air Conditioner - Laughingwater is also equipped with AC.


Firewood is not provided for the campfire.  It may be purchased in Ashford at either store, or you may request a bundle be dropped off by our staff for $10.  Please make this request prior to your check in date.  Fire starter such as matches, kindling, newspaper, etc are not provided.  Please bring these items along or purchase at the local market in Ashford.


Hot Water is provided via a propane on-demand water heater.  These can be quirky to work with!  It will take up to 20 seconds for hot water to reach the faucet.  You can adjust the thermostat on the unit which is located next to the bathroom for your personal comfort.  Be careful with little ones as water can be pretty hot!

Television - This cabin is equipped with Roku TV.  No programming is provided.  Roku is in guest mode, which allows guests to log in with their personal account and will automatically log you back out at the end of your visit or on the date you specify.

Deer Feeder is located in the driveway.  Deer feed can be purchased when you make your reservation. If you would like to purchase deer feed during your stay, please contact our office.

Power Outages: Our area can experience power outages at any time of the year but our power outage 'season' is October - April.  If you are visiting during this time, please visit our Power Outage page to be prepared!

Check out: 11am
Please be on time with your check out as our housekeepers are on a tight schedule.  Failure to depart on time will result in a $25 per 30 minute late check out fee.

Please wash your dishes.  You may leave them for the housekeeper to put away.  No need to strip beds.  Please turn off heat, lights, stove, unplug coffee maker, etc close windows and lock both doors. To lock back door, pull closed and press lock button.  

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