Balancing/Cleaning Hot Tub

***If you can’t see the bottom of the hot tub, dump immediately! (make sure to turn electricity off to hot tub if dumping)

  1. Check water level-top off if needed. Always used hose filter when adding water.  Local water has too many minerals, will damage tub.

  2. Turn off power to hot tub.  Pull filters and check between folds for gunk. If gunky, spray well between each fold

  3. Check chemicals

  4. With jets running:

    1. Adjust pH and Alkalinity first-wait 15 min

    2. When adding powdered chemicals, mix chemicals in a cup with some water prior to adding to hot tub

    3. If hot tub is cloudy add clarifier (1 TEASPOON), let jets run for full cycle before adding additional 1 TEASPOON.  Clarifier coagulates the oils in the water and this will cause yellow grease bubbles to form on the surface.  These bubbles need to be skimmed off and the water line needs to be wiped down where the oily bubbles collect.  It sometimes takes 30 or more minutes of jets running for the grease to go away.

    4. If both free and total chlorine levels are low, add 1 tsp of chlorine granules and allow hot tub jets to run for 15 minutes.

    5. If total chlorine is good but free chlorine is low, add 1 tsp non-chlorine shock and let jets run 15 min

    6. Add calcium for hardness as needed-1 tsp at a time

    7. Adjust hot tub temp to 102 if guests checking in that day, 98 if will be vacant for awhile

    8. Add bromine tablets to float (4-6 tablets)

    9. Wipe down vinyl cover with protective spray periodically 

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