Cabin Cleaning Checklist

Inside: Kitchen

  • Clean counter tops _____

  • Clean microwave inside/out _____

  • Look in drawers for crumbs and clean out if needed ____

  • Wipe down toaster and clean crumbs out ____

  • Wipe down cabinets ______

  • Clean stovetop/burner trays  ______

  • Clean oven (no foil) ______

  • Clean sink/faucet ______

  • Wipe down outside/top of fridge _____

  • Clean inside fridge (veggie drawers and freezer too) _______

  • Scan for expired condiments and toss _____

  • Sweep floors _______

  • Mop floors as needed (spot clean ok) _______

  • Take out kitchen trash (leave 2-4 extra liners in bottom of can) _______

  • Paper towel (new or mostly new roll on dispenser, 2 backup in pantry) ________

  • Replace sponge (save decent ones for scrubbing hot tub/other housekeeping chores) ________

  • Wash windows inside and out if needed, vacuum out bugs from track ____

  • Check for adequate supply of coffee/tea/cocoa/Splenda/sugar cubes

  • Check for adequate supply of plastic wrap, sandwich baggies _____

  • Check for adequate supply of liquid dish soap _____

  • Brand new unopened blue sponge for each guest

Living/family room

  • Dust ceiling fan _____

  • Wipe down tables ______

  • Polish wooden surfaces (as needed) _____

  • Clean around fireplace _____

  • Replenish firewood box (Big Creek, Tahoma Vista) _____

  • Check matches, replenish as needed _____

  • Scoop out ashes from fireplace as needed (BC and TV) _____

  • Wash windows inside ______

  • Vacuum ______

  • Fluff couch pillows _____

  • Wash windows inside and out if needed, vacuum out bugs from track ____

  • Top off bird seed and dog food (dog food at BC only) ___


  • Restock Towels

    • Wash clothes: 4 per bathroom

    • Hand towels: 2 per bathroom

    • Bath towels: 8 per bathroom

    • 4-6 extra bath towels

      • at TV extra towels can be on shelf above washer

      • at BC extra towels can be in non-locked bedroom closet

      • at CS extra towels can be in non-locked bathroom closet

  • Sanitize/Wipe down vanity ______

  • Sanitize/Wipe down shower/tub _____

  • Sanitize/Wipe down toilet ______

  • Wash mirror/ Glass  ______

  • Dust fan/vent  ______

  • Mop floor/Around toilet ______

  • Replace trash bag _______

  • Check for adequate supply of shampoo/conditioner/body wash _____

  • Toilet paper (new roll on dispenser, 2 back up under bathroom sink) ________

  • Wash windows inside and out if needed, vacuum out bugs from track ____


  • Change/Wash sheets  ______

  • Check mattress cover for soiling, wash if needed _____

  • Check pillow protectors for soiling, wash if needed ____

  • Check comforter/shams for soiling (if in need of washing, remove and put in storage, let Betsy know and she will pick up and launder) ____

  • Make bed _____

  • Clean Mirror ______

  • Clean headboard ______

  • Wipe/ Sanitize dresser/end table ______

  • Wipe down baseboards

  • Vacuum ______

  • Dust pictures/fixtures _______

  • Wash windows inside and out if needed, vacuum out bugs from track ____

Laundry room

  • Wipe/ Sanitize washer + Dryer ______

  • Sweep/ mop  _____

  • Clean lint trap _______

  • Check laundry soap supplies, notify Betsy when low _____


Outside: Deck/ Porch

  • Sweep pine needles + leaves  ______

  • Shake off rug ____

  • Trash bags to dumpster ______ (dumpsters located at Trillium Cabin: 141 Big Creek, and Big Creek Cabin: 287 Paradise Dr)


  • Make sure propane is off ____

  • Check propane level, if less than 1/4, swap tanks ____ (notify Betsy when you swap so she can refill)

  • Clean/Scrub grill ________

  • Wipe down outside of grill _______

  • Check grease traps  _______


Hot tub

  • Check Hot tub chemical levels _____

  • Sanitize tub/ water ______

  • Clean filter _______

  • Siphon dirt from bottom of hot tub with hose

  • Check guest chlorine ______

  • Fill water level to the line inside the tub (with the water filter screwed onto the end of Hose) do not fill hot tub with out it _____

  • Wipe down cover with protective vinyl cleaner periodically _____




Order of operation (suggested)

  • Laundry (strip beds/start towels-longest to dry)

  • Hot tub – if really gross, dump and refill

  • Put everything back in order
    2-Living room
    4- Bedroom (s)
    5-Laundry room

  • Wipe down/ Dust/ Sanitize everything
    2-Living room
    3- Bedroom(s)
    4- Bathroom(s)
    5- Laundry room

  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
    2-Living room
    5-Laundry room

  • Outside cleaning


  1. Start with laundry
    - Strip bedding
    - Wash towels first (longest to dry)

  2. Hot Tub (as needed)
    -Check clarity of hot tub (visual check)
          - Cloudy water
            - Scummy water
              - Flakes/Floaties in water
    -Test hot tub level with test strip
    - Rinse hot tub filter
    -Add any needed chemicals



  1. Get kitchen back in order (as needed) (put everything in its proper location)
    -Clean & put away any dishes
    - Put away any small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, decorative items... etc.)
    Refill dish soap (as needed)
    Refill hand soap
    Replace used sponge
    Replace garbage bag
    Replace paper towel

  2. Get Living room back in order (as needed)
    Fluff couch pillows and arrange in proper location
    Put away any extra chairs pulled out by guests
    Put Binder back in its proper location
    Put coffee/end tables back in proper location
    Straighten area rugs/ mats
    Put television remotes back in proper location

  3. Get bathroom back in order (as needed)
    Replenish towels/ wash cloths
    Replenish toilet paper
    refill hand soap
    Put away any shampoo/conditioner/body wash into its proper location

  4. Get bedroom/Closets back in order (as needed)
    Put portable alarm clocks/Lamps in the proper location
    Replenish tea candles
    Remake bed(s)… etc.


**LOOK FOR PROBLEMS-while you are cleaning, please watch for items that look over-used/needs replacing, damaged, etc.  i.e.-drippy faucets, scuffed/scratched floors, wobbly chairs, light bulbs burned out, stains, rips, excessively dirty rugs, etc.

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