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Betsy's Cabins Bike MS Fundraiser

What is MS?

MS stands for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord which make up the central nervous system and controls everything we do. The exact cause of MS is unknown, but we do know that something triggers the immune system to attack the brain and spinal cord. The resulting damage to myelin, the protective layer insulating wire-like nerve fibers, disrupts signals to and from the brain. This interruption of communication signals causes unpredictable symptoms such as numbness, tingling, mood changes, memory problems, pain, fatigue, blindness and/or paralysis. Everyone’s experience with MS is different and these losses may be temporary or long lasting. 


Nearly 1 million people are living with MS in the United States, according to a study funded by the National MS Society. This is more than twice the original estimate and means solutions for MS are now twice as important. 

You can find out more about MS here

What is Bike MS?

Bike MS is the largest fundraising cycling series in the world. Every year, nearly 75,000 cyclists and more than 6,000 teams ride to raise money to find a cure for MS.

Our Mission

Please join Betsy's Cabins in our fundraising efforts to find a cure for MS and save on your next cabin stay! Help us reach our goal of $10k!

Donate now and receive the following incentives:

  • Donate $200 - receive $250 off your reservation!

  • Donate $350 - receive $525 off your reservation!

  • Donate $500 - receive $875 off your reservation!

  • Donate $750 - receive $1500 off your reservation!

*Each donation is good for reservation at a single property.  No expiration or black out dates.



NO LONGER VALID - 2022 only

Pictured Below:

Betsy (owner and operator of Betsy's Cabins)

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